Have you heard of the ‘Art of Co-creation’? Have you heard of this amazing collaborative approach that can catapult any designers’ career miles ahead? And not just co-creation with fellow designers, but a far more inclusive co-creation that not only involves clients but also allied services. Imagine co-creating with printing technology, is that even possible?

We have a webinar that will not only tell you but also show you how ‘co-creation’ is done right.

Our speaker, Lulu Raghavan, managing director of Landor & FITCH, shares with us the best practices for co-creation and how every designer can benefit from it.

Watch the webinar and get the answeres to:

  1. Is Co-creation important for all creatives?
  2. How is today the best time to be more ‘Hungry & Open’?
  3. How to collaborate with new technologies in design?

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