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The future is digital. HP Indigo has fueled digital printing growth over the last 25 years, partnering for success with those who dare to go beyond. Discover why there is no better time to buy an HP Indigo press that brings a future of growth to your business, today.

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What is it about HP Indigo that makes it such a powerful printing partner? In all it’s years of innovation, the makers of HP Indigo have strived to address the critical obstacles in a designer’s printing journey. HP Indigo is a result of careful study of the needs of the creative industry, tireless iterations, and finally relevant solutions that surpass any designers’ creative expectations. With HP Indigo you can reimagine your print design.

Certificate of Compliance & Excellence

"We used HP mosaic design software, creating multiple Mosaic designed patterns. The whole digital print campaign was executed in a week. Technology drives the whole game."

Anil Namugade MD - Primal Enterprises

"We were looking for a creative way to express our new tag line."

Line Giessing Brand Manager - Aqua d'Or

"The #NAMEthemSAVEthem campaign, giving a name to every African elephant and every bottle as unique as the individual elephants."


“Technology is at the heart of our initiatives,” explains Katira, adding, “HP Indigo digital press is the most advanced and cutting edge printing solution, which became the foundation on which Zooboostory.com was launched.”

Sachin Katira CEO Zooboostory.com

Dian Holton launched Daily Digits, a series that fashioned numbers out of fond objects. Dian leveraged HP SmartStream Mosaic to create thousands of unique, limited edition pieces of art.

Dian Holton Designer

“HP played a big role in planning the launch FES watch. In order to communicate the infinite possibilities of the watch, I wanted to use the infinite possibilities of digital print, and this was made a reality thanks to the HP Indigo and SmartStream Mosaic technology."

Richard Small Art Director at Sony

"The cover is printed digitally enabling each one to be a unique design. Existing digital print software didn’t fully encapsulate the idea of algorithmically generated artwork, leading me to explore the potential for coding an algorithm using Processing."

Oswin Tickler Designer and Educator

"I think HP helped us be who we are, a company that is constantly innovating and creating new things."

Joaquin Truyol General Manager, Truyol

"It has transformed our attitude… how we view our ability to create great things. It has set our company on a whole new course."

Chris Buoni VP of Business Communications, Perfect Communications

Design Circle is an initiative to make print-related knowledge accessible to everyone. It's powered by HP Indigo Digital Press and Creative Gaga

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