Can Designers
Influence Change?

- with

Anthony Lopez
Founder & CEO - Lopez Design

What to Expect?

Anthony Lopez, founder & CEO of Lopez Design, will take you through the life journey that led him to realise his full potential and discover his true purpose as a designer. Anthony will share several client case studies across Corporate, Government, and NGO projects to showcase his thought process and how design can strategically rise to meet every project’s unique challenges.

Through his creative journey, he will highlight how designers can contribute to shaping the future and talk about design thinking and various other aspects of design that influence our lives on many levels.

Why Join?

The design sensibility is growing in India at a rapid rate, and it has also emerged as a promising career option for the youth, and it is. Anthony Lopez – a design veteran with three decades of experience, will share his understanding of design and its implications on our lives.

So whether you’re a brand owner, a creative professional, an aspiring designer, or a concerned citizen of India. The webinar is for you!


SAT, 4th Jun 2022


04:30 pm Onwards


Online Event


For you and everyone

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